SpringSaver 50 Gallon Rain Barrel

The Poly-Mart SpringSaver 50 Gallon Rain Barrel provides great functionality with Dual Spigot Access Ports and an Overflow. The compact design requires minimal set up area and provides for easy transportation to your back yard! This 50 Gallon Rain Barrel features a flat back, making this Rain Barrel hug walls and become true space saver! The rigid flat back design allows theSpringSaver 50 Gallon Rain Barrel to keep it’s flat back shape while it’s full of your home’s collected rainwater. The SpringSaver 50 Gallon Rain Barrel also boasts a large color selection as it’s manufactured in 6 different colors! If aesthetics matters at your home, the SpringSaver 50 Gallon Rain Barrel has to be considered as your Rain Barrel of choice!

SpringSaver 50 Gallon Rain Barrels feature a screened intake for filtering organic debris and prevents insect entry in the Rain Barrel. The Recessed top and overflow channel prevents splashing/spilling while managing flash storms by pushing excess water away from foundation. The dual spigot access enables a hose attachment as well as allowing access to the entire water supply. This 50 Gallon Rain Barrel is molded with 10 year UV-protected polyethylene plastic.


Poly-Mart SpringSaver 50 Gallon Rain Barrel Features:

  • Corrosion Proof Intake Screen

  • Overflow Channel

  • UV Protection

  • Threaded Spigot with Two Access Points


Product Dimensions:

19″ Deep x 23″ Wide & 32″ Tall

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