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Quick Facts
  • Most homeowners in Colorado are now allowed to use rain barrels to collect rainwater.

  • A maximum of two rain barrels with a combined storage of 110 gallons or less are allowed at each household.

  • Collected rainwater may be used to irrigate outdoor lawns, plants or gardens.

  • Untreated rainwater collected from roofs is not safe to drink

The purpose of this factsheet is to provide information about the regulatory and health aspects of rainwater collection in Colorado. The information provided in this factsheet is based primarily on language in Colorado House Bill 16-1005 and is intended to inform citizens on how to properly use rain barrels in accordance with Colorado law.

Visit this link to find our more facts and information http://extension.colostate.edu/topic-areas/natural-resources/rainwater-collection-colorado-6-707/


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Rainwater is one of the only FREE resources available, and as Americans, we don’t take enough advantage of it. Rainwater Harvesting is the catchment and storing of rainwater for reuse at a later date. Also known as Rain Collection and Rain Capture, the reasons for collecting rainwater are vast and virtually any structure can collect it’s own rainwater with proper equipment. Rainwater collection from roofs of houses and structures can make an important contribution to the general availability of water as well as household water cost savings. Some individuals like the idea of not having to pay their utility company for water that is FREE. Others want to still be able to water their lawn despite watering restrictions in their area. Some just want to contribute in things that provide a net positive impact on the environment. Whether your motivation is one or all of these, rainwater harvesting is something that can easily be a bigger part of the culture here in North America. The following are the most popular uses for Rainwater:


  • Watering your Plants & Garden
  • Gravity Fed Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Topping Off Your Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Hand Washing
  • Washing Your Car
  • Water Supply for Livestock
  • Water Source for your Pressure Washer
  • Flushing Toilets
  • Primary Household Water Consumption


In the summer months in the U.S., an average household will use 50-60% of their water usage on watering their lawn and garden. The majority of the population waters their lawn and garden with chemically treated city water. The chemical-free rainwater picks up Carbon Dioxide as it falls through the sky and has preferred pH levels, which makes for happier plants and vegetable gardens. Rainwater collected from roofs, require filtration & treatment before it can be used for drinking, cooking or showering as dirt, pollen and other pollutants accumulate on roofs as days pass without rain. Some rooftop materials such as shingle roofs can produce rainwater that is harmful to human health if consumed; however, water from shingle rooftops works great for flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering plants/garden, topping off swimming pools and washing cars. In a growing number of cases today, collecting rainwater may be the only economical source of water.

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