100 gallon emergency

water storage tank

We are currently offering a 100 Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank equipped with all the necessary fittings needed for at home emergency water storage.  Poly-Mart, the manufacturer's,  Emergency Water Storage Tanks are made from FDA/NSF- Approved, Food-Grade, BPA-Free polyethylene and has built-in UV inhibitors to avoid color fading and breakdown from harsh sunlight.


The Poly-Mart 100 Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank is made in Austin, Texas.


Poly-Mart 100 Gallon Emergency Drinking Water Storage Tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 100 gallons to 500 Gallons. These tanks come with two 3/4″ bulkhead fittings & ship with one 3/4″ Lead-Free Brass Spigot & one 3/4″ Brass Ball Valve Assembly. The 3-piece Brass Ball Valve Assembly is for the bottom outlet fitting of the tank and comes ready to accept a water hose!


The 3/4″ Lead-Free Brass Spigot is used for the raised fitting that is located 14″ off the ground and off centered from the fill/drain fitting. This is for filling a 5 gallon bucket or pan with water. Our Emergency Water Storage Tanks come standard in our light blue color as it resembles fresh water in an emergency situation. However, these tanks are available in all of our available colors upon request!

All of our Emergency Water Tanks are available in a regular weight version or a heavy weight version. Included fittings ship on the inside of the tank. Please be sure to apply plumbers tape to all threads of included fittings prior to installation.  Always store your tank on level ground.

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